GoGo Talco

In 2016, when Solange la Frange took a break from the stages after more than ten years of music, Tristan Basso and Luca Manco promised each other to continue composing songs to perpetuate their pleasure to collaborate.

Tristan has always liked to be the man in the shadows. Composer without being a musician, self-taught and independent, he brilliantly touches many tools, instruments and styles of music. He has always been a demanding sound lover and producer of his previous albums.

Luca, on the other hand, has never stopped playing the guitar and has been working on new projects. On the sidelines of his artistic activity, he is engaged in the Rocking-Chair where he trains as a sound technician and takes advantage of it to satisfy his need for live music.

From the winter of 2018, a first common model begins to take shape. Luca and Tristan want to build a new sound around the desire to dance, the raw energy of a regular omnipresent drums, guitars and catchy voices.

They know that they will need patience to reach the musical result that will satisfy them and decide at first to work in tandem.

At first, anxious to save hours of work to the future colleagues, they record everything themselves with the help of computer and digital technologies at their disposal. In doing so, they become multi-instrumentalists, researching, sampling, tweaking until they are satisfied.

Conscious of their desire to abandon as much as possible the drums machine which was the trademark of their previous projects, they want to find an organic sound worthy of a disco rock band. They wanted to finally form a real band.

So they recruit musicians and start rehearsing.